I love my name,

2019-03-13 19:08:01.207.jpeg

Not because it’s particularly special, but because my parents’ second choice was Emmanuela, Manny for short.

I’m a published author. A haiku I wrote in second grade made it in a book. I tried to work that magic again on a cover letter in undergrad and I never heard back. Instead I spent three years client-side in Brand Management at a Fortune 200 CPG. I didn’t write any haikus in that job. I also didn’t envision that job from my seat in second grade.

In second grade, I wanted to be a lawyer or a rapper. Turns out I’d be no good at either because I don’t always love to follow the rules and I suck at karaoke. I don’t think I was wildly far off though. As a brand strategist I spend my days building logical arguments, then I set them to a beat in slides creating strategy lines that sing like a chorus. I just want to make work the world can bump to.

I have a five beliefs that influence how I do what I do:

01. Say something or solve something that matters to someone.

02. If you don’t look somewhere different you’ll never get anything different.

03. The fight for the right word is always worth it.

04. No great work exists without a great team that trusts each other.

05. A good deck goes a long way.


Clients I’ve Had the Good Fortune to Work With: