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Caroline Jordan, CBM
Beka Tesfaye, CBM
Alyn Carr, CBM
Caitlin Russell, ST
Brit Kern, XD

As competitive products continued to launch in the spaces Adobe offerings were weakest, Adobe Enterprise wanted to build deeper relationships with their existing base. Specifically, they wanted to talk to with Creative Decision Makers within heritage organizations. They asked us for new watering holes to reach them. In response, we built one.

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The Request.

While Adobe was the creative enterprise platform leader by a long shot, Enterprise Clients valued the products more than the brand. In hopes of growing their equity, Adobe Enterprise launched a campaign aimed at better connecting with “Creative Decision Makers” (eg: Directors of Digital Innovation). They asked us to uncover watering holes where they could better reach these folks.


The Reality.

Adobe didn’t have a reach problem. It wasn’t that Creative Decision Makers weren’t seeing Adobe communications, it was that they weren’t seeing value in Adobe communications. These enterprise leaders were motivated by catalyzing creative change within their heritage companies. Since they normally didn’t have a spot on C-Suite, they were constantly presenting transformation initiatives that never saw the light of day. As a result, they were actively searching for resources that could help them communicate the missed opportunity to their senior leaders. If Adobe could help, they were in.


The Realization.

The key to that last sentence? Enterprise Creative Leaders were searching for help communicating, not looking to be communicated at. And their communication problem was simple. While they spoke in the language of possibility, their analytical superiors spoke in the language of proof. That’s why those transformational ideas were getting lost in translation. Lucky for us, Adobe had products, projects, and partner companies that could speak to both the possibility & the proof behind creative transformation. To share that content we didn’t need to plug into someone else’s watering hole, we needed create one that gave us credit.



The Communications Strategy.

Teach the language of creative business transformation.



A is For Adobe.


So, we built the Duolingo for Creative Business. We studied the principles of language learning platforms to create one focused on teaching creative business transformation in both proof and possibility. Bonus? The platform collected individualized data that could be deployed to our sales and product teams.


We pitched the idea through two watercolor blobs.

Plus, we created a Kayne West hype reel to bring it home.



The Outcome.

We won the pitch. Less than a year later, the work is in market.


Adobe Experience League


“To become an Experience Business, you need more than just great tools and online help. You need a partner. Experience League is the new enablement tool with guided learning…”

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