Project winner:

Betty Crocker

Research, Strategy, Creative Ideation, Pitch

Mary Gray Johnson, ST
Chorong Kim, ST
Ruthie Edwards, XD
Chad Hilton, XD
Alec Milton, AD
Josh Perry, CW

As consumers turned their eyes and their wallets to more health-conscious and convenient options, quicker and better-for-you-sweets were taking a bite out of our piece of the pie (chart). We were asked to whisk together a product innovation that would invite people back to mix and back to Betty mix specifically. But they never said back to the aisle, so we got out of it. We created a product line & retail fixture that challenged greeting cards because, no surprise, most messages are better received on cake.

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The Request.

For five years Betty Crocker sales had declined faster than the category. Competitive brands had innovated around decadence. New brands had launched healthier mixes. And Betty? Betty had brought back Angel Food… We were asked to breathe new life into this heritage brand by shaking up baking mix with a line extension.


The Reality.

People who bake five minute cookies from the roll are guided by their stomachs. People who bake from scratch are guided by their minds. People bake from a mix are guided by their hearts. It’s never the best cake, it’s never iced perfectly, and sometimes you forget an egg, but it’s the labor of love that counts. Giving away a Betty bake is the best part, only to be topped by receiving one yourself. That’s because the brand and the product have always communicated care.


The Realization.

In the midst of competing over cake, baking mix brands had lost sight of their context. It’s the time, thought, and intentionality behind the bake that matters. And in world where we’re all saying HBD on FB, what we’re craving is for someone to slow down and show us they give a sh*t - regardless of the 19 grams of sugar. It was our job to remind the people the power of that and make it a little more possible.



The Strategy.

Betty Crocker is a meaningful
way to communicate care.



Say It With Cake.


So, we asked our team one big question. What if we challenged the greeting card aisle? “Say It With Cake” was born & designed to bake in 20 minutes, strategically placed in the greeting card aisle.



The Outcome.

Our peers voted this the best project in our year. So meaningful, but I wish they had said it with a cake.