Live client, Pitch Winner:


Research Design, Strategy, Ideation, Pitch

Kelley Bode, CW
Brit Kern, XD
Jackie Koon, XD
Charlotte Savage, AD
Kyle Stolcis, ST

With a rise in new entrants in the online used car buying & selling space, Carvana was no longer “The New Way to Buy a Car”. They came to us asking what’s next and shared their initial strategic direction - “designed to deliver delight.” But this category was far from delightful, it was more like gambling thirty grand against the house. So, we envisioned a world where Carvana rose above the games.

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The Request.

In a space filled with copycats, no category leader, and little consumer trust how could Carvana differentiate themselves for years to come? As a brand (and awesome client) who was passionate about making used car buying & selling more consumer-centric, they came to us with the starting strategic idea - “designed for delight.”


The Reality.

After running 50+ people through a sentiment sprint about the buying & selling experience we had one shocking takeaway. The process is far from delightful because it feels like they’re betting against the house. The cards are stacked against them, they don’t know half as much as the dealer does, and they’re just hoping to get out unscathed. The bar is set so low that the greatest delight is walking away with a car with no surprises at a fair price, even with Carvana.


The Realization.

In order to establish category leadership, someone needed to establish consumer trust. In order to achieve that, we needed to change the game all-together. Luckily, Carvana was the only brand in a position to do just that. Their complete vertical integration gave them complete control. Their challenger perception gave them permission. And, best of all, their current experience openly shared things no other dealer did - like dings. In order to deliver delight, we just needed to push those ideas a little further.



The Strategy.

Rise above the used car games by delivering confidence through transparency.



Rising Above, 100% Online.


Working on a brand built 100% online, we started 100% online. We envisioned small features with big impact for both the brand and the category - from pricing to service standards.


Rising Above,
Not 100% Online.

We then showed how we could take that same message of transparency off the site & into traditional communications within their existing style guide.



The Outcome.

We won the pitch and we’re still in touch.