Live Client, Work Produced:


Research, Workshop Design & Presentation, Brand Definition

Preacher, Austin
Reported To:
Ash Shaffer, Strategy Director

As Netflix expanded into new countries & new content at the speed of light, the internal team wanted to ensure the brand was consistently communicated across cultures. When Preacher was asked to do some global brand definition work, we asked ourselves a slightly bigger question - how we might inspire brand fandom by getting people to root for Netflix. We quickly realized that in the face of the isolation & binging narratives, the brand wasn’t getting credit for what they did best. Netflix brings us together. 6 Degrees is a creative campaign that brings that idea to life.*

*This work is under an NDA that permits me from sharing some information digitally. If you’d like to hear more, let’s chat!



Workshop Design.


To land on a strategic territory that the Netflix organization and audience could rally behind, we headed out to LA to meet with the global marketing leaders from every region. We designed a brand building workshop that allowed us to share our thoughts, learn from theirs, and develop a direction together.

My favorite exercise was also the toughest one to get through the airport. We crowdsourced answers to the question “Netflix is a ___________ to me” (eg: confidante, wing-woman, black hole, etc.) and turned them into 30 Netflix As cards. We then asked everyone to pick their three favorites & three least favorites and place them somewhere on the six foot long “More Of, Less Of” spectrum. This exercise shaped what we were battling & where we were going.

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6 Degrees Campaign.


The team then brought to life the strategic platform we presented in the brand book with the help of one awesome piece of data - every Netflix member shares 6 shows with any other member.